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Welcome to the APLSmith home page

This is the place to get your fix of APL.
You will find here tools and utilities for all major APL vendors.
You will also find links to videos and learning material.

This server is written entirely in APL. It generates some HTML and some Javascript/JQuery to do its job.
To know more about how it works click here.

Transfer of APL workspaces and files from one vendor to another

Under each APL vendor, in the Downloads section, is found a workspace to create and read transfer files.
The earlier APLs (APL/PC, SHARP for DOS) use a primitive version that does not account for all the new object types (Packages, nested arrays, namespaces, overlays). They also use a different syntax. They are compact to fit within earlier small workspaces.
The newer versions (APL/II, APL2000, Dyalog, SHARP APL) use a consistent syntax and make use of the latest enhancements (as of 2003). Files created by earlier versions CAN be read but not the other way around if new data types are involved. This goes also for namespaces. They can be recreated from within Dyalog but are meaningless in APL2000.
In all cases a form of code translation (ex: SHARP []read <--> Dyalog []fread) is available and can be turned on and customized in the later versions. Control structures are left untouched.
To find more about the transfer workspaces read the documentation.

You'll find here games written in APL.
Right now there is only this but more will be added in due time.

Tic Tac Toe 3D: game of Tic Tac Toe in 3 and 4 dimensions

BTW this game can be found written in APL in some APLs. Look in DOWNLOADs.

Juggler man: see a wire-man juggler juggle balls

Here are links to various APL suppliers.

Dyalog APL

Other links


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We cumulate dozens of years of APL experience and aim to supply only the best.
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